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R- COMPOSITTM is a unique liquid polymer hydro insulation composition in the water-based suspension form.

R-COMPOSIT™ is designed for hydro insulation of:

─ New roofs with most complex geometrical shapes;

─ Areas where bitumen membranes can not be used because of the shape and design of the roof;

─ Roofs that were in operation and have damages in old roofing coating (bitumen layers, bitumen membranes, roll material, slate, metal and ceramic roofs).

R-COMPOSIT™ provides effective protection of roofs against atmospheric precipitation, and significantly reduces the effects of solar radiation and other environmental factors.


R-COMPOSIT™ is supplied in buckets:

─ 10kg and 20kg;

─ Sealed lids;

─ Labels with detailed descriptions and instructions;

─ Holographic marks for protection against forgery.


─ Keep away from direct sunlight and exposure

to high (more than +35℃) temperatures.

─ Transport and storage should be at temperature not below +5℃.