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– NANO-FIX ANTICORTM is anti-corrosion, weather-resistant enamel primer over the rust.

– In covering NANO-FIX ANTICORTM embodied a fundamentally new approach to corrosion protection, consisting in a complex chemical interaction between molecules of components with iron oxides and the atoms of the metal lattice. The primer has the ability to penetrate into cracks and pores of the metal while suppressing the started process of corrosion. Thus, solid metal chelate complexes with the polymeric component form on the surface of primer, effectively to protect the metal from an external impact. This mechanism of action allows NANO-FIX ANTICORTM firmly tie layer of rust to 100 microns.

– High corrosion resistance of NANO-FIX ANTICORTMminimizes the extensive work on the preparation of metal surfaces for painting, especially in hard to reach areas of structures, facilities or remote routes of pipelines, bridges, and also allows the use of NANO-FIX ANTICORTM as an independent coating .

– NANO-FIX ANTICORTM consists of alkyd varnish, rust modifiers, fillers and target specific nanostructure additives.


– NANO-FIX ANTICORTM is a one-component composition for alkyd varnish with a modifier rust and special components, penetrating into the cracks and pores of the metal and stops the ongoing process of corrosion and prevents its spread over the surface, forming a dense,insoluble chelate complexes bind strongly to the polymer component of the NANO-FIX ANTICORTM metal surface.

– The ability of NANO-FIX ANTICORTM firmly tie layer of rust to 100 microns, and its high corrosion resistance minimizes extensive work on the preparation of metal surfaces for painting, especially in remote places of structures, facilities or remote routes of pipelines, bridges, and also use the NANOFIX ANTICORTM as an independent coating in order to save money.

– For corrosion protection of pipelines and equipment of enterprises related to transportation and gas production,NANO-FIXANTICORTMhas a distinct advantage overconventional painting, since stopping the ongoing processof corrosion,improves the reliability of the gas supply system, whereas under normal enamel corrosion process underfilm continues until the complete destruction of the metal.

– In the car-building, particularly in the repair of rail cars,currently used expensive blast cleaning metal surfaces from corrosion products prior to painting. The use of NANO-FIX ANTICORTM can partially or completely eliminate these costs while simultaneously increasing the service life paintwork.

– Now, in the manufacture of bridge structures are used very expensive imported (usually two component) coatings that require the most careful adherence to the mixing of the components, and the strict control of his personal protection during painting.

– The results of tests on the thermal aging (up to +230ºC) indicate the possibility of using a primer in heating the housing and utilities sector and CHP.